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Message from Ag. Director

It gives me a great pleasure as an Acting Director of Recreation and Sports on behalf of the University of Energy and Natural Resources and my team, to welcome you as a visitor and reader of this website. Henceforth, this website will serve as UENR Sports Directorate’s mouthpiece to communicate and reach out to students, the University community and beyond.

Promoting healthy lifestyle and wellness through sports; and enhancing the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development of members of the University Community, and to become an instrument for change”.



The Directorate was established following Statute 33 of the Statute of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani. The Sports and Recreation Directorate with the support of the Sports and recreation committee serves as the main body with direct responsibility for overseeing the overall development and management of sports and recreation within the University. The Directorate is responsible for:

  • 1. Development of sports and related activities;
  • 2. Organization of sporting events;
  • 3. Liaison with external sports organizations;
  • 4. Advising the Academic Board on matters relating to the award of academic credit for student participation in sports;
  • 5. Holding sporting clinics for the members of the University;
  • 6. Representing the University on external sporting bodies;
  • 7. Preparation of teams for sporting events

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