and Recreation DIRECTORATE

Technical Unit

This Unit presides all technical related matters regarding coaching, drawing and designing of sports programmes for each academic year. It also takes charge of the day-to-day management of all sporting teams. It also consists of mainly trained coaches in specific sporting disciplines of UENR

 Terms of Reference

  1. Draw yearly sports programmes
  2. Select student-athletes into the various University Teams
  3. Train and coach all UENR Sporting Teams
  4. Engage in periodic scouting of students athletes from senior high schools for admission
  5. Assist in organising and supervising sporting activities
  6. Report and collaborate with Organising Unit on the state of facilities and needed action
  7. Offer outreach consultancy and technical services (with regards to sports) to interested parties
  8. Design regular projects and proposals for outreach programmes
  9. Assist in the preparation of a yearly budget for programmes and activities
  10. Design effective ways of involving staff through the following activities among others
  • Draw sporting programmes to attract staff and their families
  • Assist other UENR departments in their sporting & recreational activities
  • Draw a concept for honorary coaches
  • Design programmes to involve hall administration in sporting programmes


Fitness, Wellness & Recreation Unit

This Unit primarily oversees all Fitness, Wellness and Recreation activities of the Sports Directorate. The unit is made up of staffs and students attached to the UENRSD for relevant services such as Sports Organizers and honorary coaches.

Terms of Reference

  1. Supervise and manage activities of the Fitness, Wellness and Recreational activities)
  2. Supervise regular maintenance and repairs of sports and office equipment
  3. Ensure strict adherence to details on the Registration form
  4. Enforce inspection of identity cards when using sports facilities
  5. Enforce rules and regulations at all times, copies of which should be given to users upon registration
  6. Develop innovative and new ideas to meet customer demands
  7. Draw programmes to attract staff and their families to our fun games


Works & Sanitation Unit

This Unit is mainly in charge of all sanitation and minor works. This unit consists of all the cleaners, labourers, artisans and drivers.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Ensure that facilities such as Fields, are always kept clean
  2. Ensure that washrooms are clean
  3. Ensure that washroom doors are closed
  4. Supervise the availability of sanitisers and disinfectants and report for timely replacement
  5. Carry out marking of fields for games
  6. Ensure that showers, water closets, sinks are in good working conditions
  7. Ensure the flow of water and availability of electricity and report for any necessary action
  8. Responsible to transport staff on official duties as directed
  9. Make requisitions for fuel for office vehicles and mowers
  10. Ensure the distribution of logistics, such as water and personnel to fields when needed
  11. Be available to perform any other duties as directed


Project, Research & IT Unit

The Research and IT shall Unit coordinates all academic, projects and Internet & Telecommunication related activities under the purview of UENRSD. This Unit is made up of staff earmark to manage Academic, Research and IT related programmes.

Terms of reference: This Unit has 2 main functional areas:


Teaching and Research/Projects and Collaborations-

  1. Coordinate the Sports for Academic Credit (SPAC) Programme
  2. Write proposals for sponsorship
  3. Responsible for all aspects of collaborations with outside institutions
  4. Design and facilitate capacity building programmes for staff of the Directorate


Website, IT and Communication

  1. Ensure and facilitate periodic updates of UENRSD website
  2. Handling of all IT needs for the Directorate
  3. Write Press Releases and articles as and when required
  4. Keeping and documentation of pictures, articles, newspapers, for future reference
  5. Lead in the publication of the Directorate’s newsletters
  6. Find innovative ways of creating and sustaining a good brand name for the Sports Directorate


Finance Unit

The Finance Unit supervises all financial transactions and purchases of the Sports Directorate. This Unit consists of staff in-charge of collection and receiving of monies, items as well as purchased equipment on behalf of the Sports Directorate.


Terms of Reference:

  1. Assist in drawing of budgets
  2. In-charge of all monitory dealings of the Directorate
  3. In-charge of managing the Directorate’s petty cash
  4. Follow up on all requests for funds
  5. Submit weekly reports of all Internally Generated Funds (IGF) to Management
  6. Receive and inspect all incoming materials and reconcile with waybills and invoices
  7. Keeps a current inventory of all materials
  8. Keeps records of all materials issued to and received from individuals and groups
  9. Ensures that equipment are organised and made available at all sporting events
  10. Submits written reports to management at the beginning and end of every semester on the current state of equipment and recommends repairs or purchases
  11. Carry routine inspection of the athletics oval to ensure all entrances are locked to prevent people from walking through the field
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