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The UENR-PSSA shall give individuals who meet the minimum UENR admission requirements the chance to study at the university to have their athletic potentials actualized.

UENR may consider talented sports individuals with passes in some core subject, which in the wisdom of the Directorate can help raise the image of UENR through sports both national and international level.  

UENRSD shall be sponsored to go out to senior high schools, regional and national competitions to identify sporting talents and recommend them for admission to UENR. In addition to the talents identification, seminars shall be organized for final year students of senior high schools across the country to introduce UENR programmes and sports benefits of university sports to them so as to increase students’ enrollment in UENR. 



This is a support scheme that UENR shall award or make available to exceptional athletes as and when required and available. The SAA shall be established within the structures of UENRSD where funds shall be raised from appropriate organizations and individuals. This assistantship for students shall be accessible based on the following criteria.

  1. Conditions  attached to the application  of UENR Students Athlete Assistantship:
  • – Athlete must be student and an active member of any of the UENR sports teams
  • – The student must complete and submit an application form for consideration
  • – Short listed applicants shall go through an interview selection
  • – Background check on the athlete for eligibility shall be done
  1. Student Athlete Package (SAP) : this shall take any of the following forms listed below:
  • – Book bursary
  • – Academic Facility User Fees Waiver
  • – Residential Facility User Fees Waiver
  • – Sponsorship for training programmes abroad to enhance better sport performance
  • – Sportswear (Kit) Sponsorship 
  1. Withdrawal of SAA :
  • – UENR shall revoke entitlement of an athlete should any information provided compromise its integrity.
  • – Disrespect to authorities, colleague and damage to the image of UENR’s property as well as continual poor performance in sports and in a particular academic year shall lead to redraw of benefit.


  • – UENRSD shall use Student Athlete Assistantship to source for significant collaborations and partnerships with relevant stakeholders, iconic individuals and organizations to promote and support student athletes as well as sports infrastructural development on UENR campus.
  • – UENR through Student Athlete Assistantship shall celebrate athletes as icons and role models, who have shown sporting excellence at local and international competitions. 



To encourage talented student athletes to perform at local and international level, the time student athletes spend at training sessions and competitions shall be considered. Student athlete shall be given the opportunity to write quizzes, assignments and examinations that they missed or recognized for class attendance due to participation in training sessions and competitions. 

Alternatively, an Academic Credit and Sports System (sports-for-grade system) can be introduced where the under-listed 3 Credit courses can be made available to students.

  • – Sports Psychology
  • – Sports Fitness
  • – Time Management 
  • – Sports Nutrition
  • – Basic Anatomy
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