Ag. Director’s

It gives me a great pleasure as an Acting Director of Recreation and Sports on behalf of the University of Energy and Natural Resources and my team, to welcome you as a visitor and reader of this website. Henceforth, this website will serve as UENR Sports Directorate’s mouthpiece to communicate and reach out to students, the University community and beyond. In this vein, the website will from now host all our sporting and recreational activities, as well as other programmes and initiatives of the Directorate to promote its vision and mission of: 

Promoting healthy lifestyle and wellness through sports; and enhancing the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development of members of the University Community, and to become an instrument for change”.

 We therefore, encourage all students, staff and members of the UENR community and beyond to   visit this website for information regarding UENR sporting and recreational programmes as well as other activities. This website will serve as a platform to welcome all your views, comments and concerns. Whatever we do here is in line with UENR’s vision.

Once again, I warmly welcome you to this website, and humbly wish to state that, this website is linked to the University of Energy and Natural Resources main website which is designed to meet it vision. Please note that the Sports Directorate will not countenance comments and photos that are not approved by the directorate and the University.

Kindly recommend UENR Sports Directorate website to your friends locally and beyond.

Thank you for being part of this initiative.

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